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Natural ointment for regular care of problematic skin in people suffering from dermatoses of various origins, including chronic dermatoses. A highly effective non-hormonal agent for external use, which does not cause addiction or side effects even with long-term regular use.

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Product detailed description

Homogenous mass of medium viscosity, olive colour with a specific scent. Highly absorbable and
tolerable. Suitable for all skin types. No harsh effect on skin, unlimited duration of treatment, nonhormonal composition, without colorants or artificial scents. Unlimited application area on body and
repeated use, non- addictive.

The ointment consists of a well – balanced combination of active ingredients (hydrogenated vegetable
oils, honey, Bidens tripartita, camomile, vitamin A, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, cedar oil, salicylic acid,
Siberian fir extract) specifically selected for most effective skin care.

For the prophylactic application on problematic skin prone to irritation, redness, peeling, itching and
dryness. Anti-inflammatory, softening, peeling and recovery of problematic skin, including recovery of
lipid skin barrier, its integrity and functionality. Restoration of normal skin moisture.

Cream components are effective on affected and inflamed skin areas, cleansing top skin layers from
keratinized cells, ensuring high availability of biologically active components protecting the top layer
of skin, supporting recovery and overall healing of the skin. Balanced combination of ointment
components facilitates the achievement of good results without unwanted side effects or

No side effects identified, individual intolerance of some components may be possible.

Thin layer of ointment should be applied to problematic skin areas 1-2 times a day. Cream should
never be rubbed in, only a thin layer of cream should be left on skin. Recommended duration of use is
1 to 4 months, under regular daily use.


  • Do not use compression bandages or other bandages to cover the ointment-treated area;

  • During the first two weeks of ointment use, you may consider taking antihistamines to preempt possible negative reactions to ointment's individual ingredients;

  •  Showers and baths may be taken daily, should be taken no less than three times a week;

  • During treatment, avoid saunas/spas, hot water procedures (baths, showers) with temperatures above the 45º C ( 113ºF);

  • During treatment, avoid rubbing affected skin areas with sponges, scrubs or other peeling devices as this may worsen skin irritation;

  • If dryness of skin experienced after showering/bathing during treatment period, apply baby oil to affected areas is. Other suitable creams may also be used for relief;

  • It is not recommended to use the ointment while using hormone-based ointments;

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not recommended during ointment use;

  • Quitting or minimizing the amount of smoking is highly recommended during ointment use;

  • As a dietary precaution, limit consumption of smoked, fried, fat and spicy foods;

  • During the treatment, getting good amount of quality sleep and stress level reduction are highly recommended;

Tube 100 gr.
Store the ointment at room temperature up to + 25°C (77°F). Keep away from children.
Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
EXPIRATION DATE: 3 years from the date of production. Date of production is marked on each package.
ATTENTION: The SOLIVIN® ointment is not a medical product


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