Rajko P., Slovenia

Psoriasis initially appeared as spots on the skin that were hard, almost like sandpaper. They mostly appeared on one leg first, and then spread to the other leg. I didn't pay much attention to it, thinking it was just dry skin. I applied some cream, and everything seemed to calm down.


Then I had a car accident and was given pain medication called "Doreta" in the hospital. Shortly after, patches started appearing on my skin that were dark red to bloody in color. I believe this is when the whole story of psoriasis began. The previously mentioned spots on my legs enlarged to 15 cm in length and 3 cm in width. I also had psoriasis patches behind my ears and on my scalp.

Corticosteroid creams were prescribed to me, which temporarily suppressed the problems. But when I stopped using the corticosteroids, the areas actually enlarged further and started bleeding. I had a lot of flakes peeling off my scalp, which ended up on my shoulders and everywhere I moved. So I shaved my hair completely and started taking care of my scalp. Without success.

Life became terrible, and I tried to hide my condition as much as possible. I wouldn't leave the house without long pants and sleeves. I tried everything - various CBD creams, oils, etc. I even tried UV therapy, but unfortunately, without any results. Psoriasis continued to disrupt my life.


Solivin cream was another cream that I placed my hopes in, although I was quite skeptical. But after the first application, I felt that something was happening - as if the flakes were being absorbed by the cream. Currently, one application lasts me about 1.5 months. The flakes are gone, my skin doesn't itch or bleed. Imagine that, I can even wear shorts now. 😊

I recommended the cream to my acquaintances, and it works for them too. Solivin also works for various skin irritations, allergic reactions, and can even soothe insect bites. Wow!

Unfortunately, I don't have any old photos of the worst condition. The attached first picture is an approximation of how it looked, but the patches were significantly larger. The last picture represents the current situation.

It's amazing. What is written on the Solivin website is also true. Fantastic.